Funding Resources, Fellowships and Scholarships

Below is general information for all graduate students on funding directories, merit-based fellowship and scholarship opportunities, and online resources. We recommend checking in and speaking with your graduate program for support and guidance.  

  • Here is information on Funding Directories available for all graduate students:
  • The Office of Financial Aid offers financial aid resources on its website HERE.
  • Gradsense Online Financial Education Resource: This platform provides interactive tools and resources to plan your financial future. The site addresses a range of financial issues you will face before applying, during your graduate and undergraduate studies, and as you launch or re-embark on your career. Visit the website now to utilize this resource:

Graduate Student Scholarships & Fellowships

Below are several scholarships are fellowships open to graduate students, please review individual eligibility criteria and deadlines before applying and feel free to reach out to the listed contacts with any questions.

Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis 2024-2025 Seminar: Graduate Fellows

Apply by March 1, 2024

The Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis seeks graduate student fellows for the 2024-2025 seminar, which interrogates the dialectical relationship between Black power and white supremacy over time and across the globe, considering its manifestations from the fifteenth century to the present and aims to better understand how manipulations of historical memory have helped maintain the structural, systemic, and physical violence of white supremacy on an unending loop for centuries.  Graduate Fellows will receive a $2,000 stipend to support their participation in the seminar.  Click HERE for complete application details and instructions.

Associate Alumnae of Douglass College Fellowships

Apply by March 1, 2024
Each year, the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC) awards fellowships to DRC alumnae and/or to graduating DRC seniors to pursue graduate work.  These fellowships are for financial support, and a service component is not required.  Recipients are selected primarily based on academic achievement or aspirations in their chosen field of study and, secondarily, on need.  Fellowships are available to support graduate study in any field of study at any accredited institution.  For more information, including how to apply, click HERE.
The application deadline for alumnae is March 1, 2024; the application deadline for DRC graduating seniors is June 3, 2024. For questions, please contact Ms. Wallace at

Dr. Cheryl A. Wall Memorial Fellowship

Apply by April 7, 2024
Rutgers- New Brunswick Ph.D. candidates conducting research in African American or Black literature, Black Feminism, or interdisciplinary studies are encouraged to apply for the Dr. Cheryl A. Wall Memorial Fellowship.  Dr. Cheryl A. Wall was a prominent scholar of Black women writers and a longtime Rutgers professor who championed racial diversity in the curriculum and the classroom.  The Dr. Cheryl A. Wall Memorial Fellowship honors Dr. Wall’s legacy by providing $2,000 annually to doctoral students conducting research in African American or Black literature, Black Feminism, or interdisciplinary studies.  Click HERE for more information about the Dr. Cheryl A. Wall Memorial Fellowship and click HERE to apply by April 7, 2024. For questions, please contact the Division of Student Affairs Scholarship Coordinator at

GradFund - School of Graduate Studies

GradFund is a peer-mentoring service that assists graduate students in identifying and applying for merit-based research grants and fellowships.

Build a Fellowship Plan with GradFund!

Schedule an appointment with a GradFund advisor for fellowship assistance!  Schedule a Planning Meeting to learn how to search for fellowships and grants or to plan out your future funding applications.  Request Help with a Funder to learn about the funder’s application review process and find the best way to frame your research plans for a particular application.  Book an Application Review appointment to have a GradFund advisor review your application materials for one application.  Schedule a Post-Award Consultation for advice on moving forward after receiving a fellowship offer.  Wherever you are in the fellowship, grant, or award process, GradFund is here to help!  Click HERE for more information about GradFund and click HERE to schedule a Gradfund appointment.

Learn to Write a Competitive Funding Application with GradFund’s FREE Self-Paced Canvas Course!

Learn to write a competitive external funding application using GradFund’s FREE self-paced Canvas course! This course teaches the art of competitive proposal writing by developing familiarity with both funders in your field of study and the proposal writing genre. Click HERE to enroll in GradFund’s self-paced Canvas course.