A 2013 survey “Rutgers Strategic Planning Survey to the students: Graduate Respondents” reported that there was a moderate to high need for changes at the institution for graduate student future success.  The Graduate Student Life Office was created in August of 2016 to focus on needs and services for all graduate students at Rutgers University – New Brunswick.  Mark Schuster became the first Dean for Graduate Student Life shortly thereafter.


The Graduate Student Life Office is located in rooms 207 and 208 in the GRADUATE STUDENT LOUNGE (GSL) located behind PANERA and to the left of the College Avenue Student Center at 126 College Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ  08901.  The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is also located in the GSL, a collaborative office and programming space.

Check our EVENTS section at the end of September for the Open House of the newly renovated Graduate Student Lounge.

Basic Facts about the Rutgers University- New Brunswick Graduate Students

As of academic year 2016 – 2017, there are approximately 9,000 graduate students at Rutgers University – New Brunswick in pursuit of very diverse academic and career paths.  Almost 50% of all graduate students are international students and part of “The Graduate School.”  As of July 31, 2017, the Rutgers Board of Governors approved the creation of a new “School for Graduate Studies” merging the Graduate School-New Brunswick and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.  The new School for Graduate Studies provides personalized academic support to approximately 5,200 students enrolled in over 150 doctoral, master’s and dual degree programs across New Brunswick and Newark.  The second largest graduate unit is the School of Social Work and the Graduate School Education.  Almost 900 graduate students and their families live on campus.

Mission Statement

The Office of Graduate Student Life (OGSL) at Rutgers University – New Brunswick advocates and supports holistic services that advance a vibrant graduate and professional student experience. The OGSL encourages the intellectual exchange of ideas that enrich personal development, life skills, leadership and global citizenship. OGSL cultivates collaborative partnerships across disciplines, cohorts, and departments where wellness, academic excellence, evolving identities, and life pursuits intersect.

The primary focus of the Graduate Student Life Office is “A.C.T.I.O.N.S”

Advocacy: Identify and champion the needs of graduate and professional students, while referring them to University resources, persons, and offices.

Connection and Community: Connect students to each other, across disciplines, cohorts and faculty, staff, and professional communities on campus and beyond.  Inclusive community building that is interdisciplinary, removes barriers to intellectual discovery, and mentors/empowers the historically excluded and underrepresented.

Thriving: Because students reach their intellectual capacities differently, fostering a campus culture of engagement, student-faculty mentoring, and discovering belief systems that empower and act as a lens to view and understand the world.

Identity: Promote dialectics with multiple ideologies, student populations, and cultures as a hallmark of a sophisticated commitment to proposing and testing ideas vigorously, innovatively, and respectfully.  Celebration of each graduate journey of discovery towards their own unique and authentic voice.

Options: Weigh and expand options to model fit decision making and proactive planning.  Utilization of resources, critical thinking, and skills in order to achieve academic excellence and life goals.

Navigation: Facilitate the intellectual and technical competency to take advantage of the rich resources of a complex research, educational, and professional institution.

Satisfaction: Empower students to be productive and thrive personally, academically, and professionally.  Provide on-going assessment to cultivate data-driven decisions that respond to graduate interests to improve the overall quality of the graduate student experience and success.